Why your company needs a blog


As a web host, you might have set up thousands of blogs for your customers but never once considered needing one yourself. Why, you might ask yourself, do you need a blog? Well, the immediate answer is fairly simple: check these out:

If companies like Microsoft, Google, AWS and Rackspace need a blog, YOU need a blog!

We are only a small company – what do we need a blog for?

A good blog is an ideal tool for promoting a web hosting business, or any other business of any size. Yes, of course you have a website. But chances are that your website is big and polished, and perhaps a bit rigid.

Having a blog associated with your website gives you the potential to quickly and easily add news and new content to your site without bringing in a designer and a coder. A blog is quick, easy and cost-efficient.

But really – why?


As we said, your website is very probably shinny and has all the bells and whistles, but none of that really counts with Google. Google likes content.

What is managed hosting and how it can help your eCommerce business


Before trying to explain what managed hosting is, I am going to explain what different kinds of hosting are.
Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting is similar to managed hosting in that the service provider leases a particular server to just one client.

However, the chief difference lies in the fact that these servers come pre configured and you do not get much choice when setting up the servers.

Cloud hosting

With cloud hosting the consumer can access various hosting resources via the internet.
Cloud hosting networks provide a great deal of flexibility in adding or removing memory as and when needed with ease.

A lot of the headache that goes along with configuring servers and calculating space requirements and changes in advance isn’t simply there.

Now let’s try to understand what managed hosting is.

What does managed hosting service imply?

Managed hosting refers to the hosting service where the service provider sets up, monitors, maintains, secures and patches the hosting servers for you.

The servers are owned by the hosting provider but instead of hosting several websites it hosts only websites from your network and is leased to only

Improving Customer Loyalty in Web Hosting


Let’s face it – a lot of companies are offering very similar products and services, and that’s especially true in the web hosting industry. Simply do a search for ‘shared web hosting’ and up comes a seemingly endless list of companies whose offerings could meet your needs. There really is nothing in it – many companies offer an unlimited number of websites, unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth and 24/7 support, thinking that somehow this differentiates them from the next “unlimited” company in the list.

As someone who has been in the Internet field for over 2 decades, I have met a lot of people using web hosting companies. While often people seem to be happy to have an opportunity to bitch about their web hosts, others are fascinatingly loyal to their providers. It is almost as if there is a sense of pride in the fact they have they found a web host that provides the type of service people want.

Whether that’s an indictment of the web hosting industry in general, I don’t know, but I can tell you what people

New Year Resolutions for People with Startups

It’s the same every year… Millions and millions of people worldwide set out their New Year resolutions at the end of December.
Of course, on a personal front it’s always something like “lose weight” or “make more money”. But for budding entrepreneurs resolutions usually sound something like “start that business I have been talking about” or, if the business is already off the ground, “get that startup of mine really moving”.

The only problem is that regardless of whether they are personal or business resolutions, they are usually a distant memory come the second week of January.

Why do so many people fail to stick to New Year’s resolutions?

Usually it’s a cross between being overambitious and not planning carefully enough. Putting some thought into what you want to achieve on the business front will definitely pay off as far as ticking off your resolutions are concerned. But how you feel about what you are doing is obviously very important, too.

So, how do you do it? How do you make sure that the promises you make to yourself turn into actions that help you fulfill your business goals?

Remember the 7 Ps

If it’s good enough for the U.S. Marines and the British Army,

Overcoming Procrastination

Of course, we are all guilty of procrastination, but for some it appears they are crippled by putting things off until they never happen. If you are in business, procrastination can be deadly.

Imagine – you didn’t get round to sending that cancellation form for your gym membership, and your credit card was charged $2000. Because you didn’t pay your bills this month this maxed out your credit card. And because your credit card was maxed out your domain name wasn’t renewed. Because you don’t check your email so often – even though you said you would – you never received the notification from the domain provider. The next time you log into your site, there’s an advert were your website used to be. All your customers leave you…

This is the power of procrastination.

What are the causes of procrastination?

Procrastination is definitely a different process to laziness – some of the most active people still procrastinate.

Imagine a task where you had to peel 200 pounds of potatoes, free of charge. Obviously, this would be a laborious, tedious task and at the end there would be no benefit for completing the task. Who wouldn’t want to put off doing something like this?

There are

The Internet of Things

One of the key buzzwords at the moment is the curiously entitled ‘Internet of Things’ – usually abbreviated to ‘IoT’. The term was introduced in the 1990s by a founder of MITs’ Auto-ID Center, Kevin Ashton, who was part of a research team looking at how everyday things could link to the Internet.
Despite the prevalence of the term across the Internet, what IoT actually is eludes many people. What follows is a rough cut analysis of what IoT is, what it does, and what we can expect from it in the future.

What is ‘IoT’?

The Internet is no more than a network of computers. Some of these computers belong to web hosts who own servers that provide the hosting infrastructure that houses websites. Some of these computers sit in the homes of billions of Internet users who use their PCs to visit their favourite websites, enjoy the occasional video, and chat with friends on Facebook.

Imagine now that as well as computers, everyday items were also able to connect to the Internet.

Let’s take your fridge for example. You are at work but the kids are at home. They drink your last can of Coca Cola before you get home

Right Infrastructure for your Reseller Business

Choosing the right hosting provider for your business can be a harrowing experience for anyone who is not well versed with server infrastructure and its subtleties. Here are guidelines that will assist you in choosing the right infrastructure for your reseller business.
Server Capabilities

Servers are of primary concern to an online business. Make sure your hosting provider offers the following services:

● Uninterrupted power and backup
● Efficient cooling
● Requirement specific hardware brands
● Technical support

Language / Platform Support

The two most common web hosting packages offered by companies are Windows Hosting and Linux Hosting.

Linux is known for it being open source. It is also relatively less expensive. In addition, it is easier to create websites in Linux, because of which it is one of the most popular operating systems for web developers.

Business Agility

With technological innovations rapidly changing the market place, business agility should be an important focus of an organization. Streamlining infrastructure creates an efficient workflow. With constant dynamic changes in the business, it is important to be able to adapt, with respect to the web hosting infrastructure.

For example, change in design or concept of a website, such as addition of an ecommerce module, should be done quickly with all

Getting the Word Out as Cheaply as Possible in 2016

A new year is upon us – a time that energizes us and strengthens our resolve to do something more with this coming year than we did with the last.
For web hosts and other small businesses it’s a time for renewed commitment to advertise products and services, get new customers, and maximize revenues.

But like all New Year resolutions, sometimes the truth of the situation doesn’t meet your ambition – how are you going to get more customers with hardly any money in the advertising/marketing budget?

This is the ultimate problem solving exercise – how do you get more bang for the buck when there’s barely a buck to be spent?

When the going gets tough, it’s time to get creative.

Here are some possible ideas that will help you spread the word about your business in 2016 that cost very little, or nothing at all.

1. Press the flesh – get REALLY social

In a world of social media and online marketing there is an assumption that being social means getting on the computer and posting on Facebook. There are a considerable number of opportunities in every community that will allow you to get out there and meet real people who might want to

Graph databases are used on Social Network.

  • Conclusions

    We discovered that everybody can use a Big Data; there are Open Source tools usable on dedicated server and on virtual server. Stay tuned because we’re going to explain MongoDb installation and test it.
  • Are you ready for Mobilegeddon
  • On April 21, 2015, something very special indeed will take place – a well publicized update of Google’s algorithm.

    Google’s algorithm updates are some of the world’s best-kept secrets. Traditionally, people do not know when updates will take place, or what they will include, only ever finding out after the fact, and usually noticing because of its impact – fewer visitors. For Google to announce in advance exactly when an update will take place, and what that update will include means some very important changes are going to take place.

    What is all the fuss about?

    In 2014 the number of people accessing the Internet by mobile devices was more than those accessing the internet via PCs for the first time. As a result, as far as Google is concerned, it is now important that a website offer both mobile and PC users a worthwhile user experience, hence the shift in emphasis towards websites with responsive, or mobile-friendly designs.

    Dubbed “Mobilegeddon”, on April 21, 2015

Rudimentary GUI Testing Can Pay Dividends

  • Brought to us by Apple and Microsoft in the 1980s, the impact of the Graphical User Interface (or GUI) was undeniable. Prior to GUIs computer programs had been driven by inputting terms and bits of code to achieve a desired effect. With GUIs it became an issue of clicking on icons and links, etc. to achieve the same effect. So, rather than memorizing UNIX commands and the like – strictly the domain of the technically minded – GUIs brought using computers into the realm of regular folk. Even the slowest accounts clerk could now print an invoice, all at the click of a button.

    Hey – that’s not the right button!

    That was, of course, if you could find the correct button… or indeed if you recognized the correct button as being the correct button. GUIs were great – except when they weren’t. Very quickly the term “Intuitive Interface” emerged, meaning an GUI that a user could easily recognize all the bells and whistles and how to use them. But how did you determine whether an interface design was intuitive or not?

    Get me a scientist!

    The birth of the Graphical User Interface (or GUI) spurred the birth of a new ‘science’ – Graphical

Using Google Forms as an Email Form Solution for Your Website

Unless you are technically capable – and that means a programmer – one of the most difficult aspects of setting up a website is establishing successful email forms. Whether your site is a personal blog, or designed to promote a business, without an email form you have no contact with your audience.
Content Management Systems (CMSs) like WordPress and Joomla operate with a native email forms that work but aren’t easily adaptable. Both systems offer a number of plugins and modules that purport to offer email form solutions, but in my experience they can be pretty tricky to use.

For those of you with pure HTML websites, email forms by definition require coding, unless of course you use one of the many online email solutions available. Solutions like EmailMeForm are really great and even offer free versions. But if you get more than 100 submissions a month you then venture into paying around $10 a month for the next level of service. Not a lot to pay for a good service, but still a lot if your goal is just to receive emails from your audience. Fortunately, for Gmail / Google Apps users, there is a viable alternative. The Google Drive account

Why Server Speed is Important for Increasing Revenues

  • If your website loads slower and takes long to respond you are literally killing your sales and revenue with your own hands. Today, the key to more sales and conversion is the combination of effective content with faster loading speed of your website. The speed of your website is the time taken from a web page to become visible on the screen after it has been requested by the browser.The latest surveys showed that loading speed of websites has a great impact on the traffic trends. The speed of the website has a great importance, a slow website could easily frustrate your potential customers forever.

    A slow website reflects low revenue

    Often the slower websites have high bounce rates with poor sales. A number of studies have proven that the average visitors will leave your website if it does not become accessible in 3 to 6 seconds. Slower website is not only a reason to decrease your sales but the frustrated visitors are likely to develop a negative perception about your business.

    Does Speed of the website can increase the revenue?

    Did you know the world popular brand Shopzilla generated 12% more revenue by simply improving the website speed from

Creating Surveys and Visual Representations of Data Using Google Forms

As a company, data and intelligence are key to your business process. You need to know who your customers are, what they need and when they want it, and you need to know all that information NOW.

Collecting data can be relatively easy. You can simply setup an email form on your website and ask your visitors to send you the information you need. But where receiving data from your website is easily achieved, managing it and making it useful is much harder.

Fortunately, Google has produced a solution that allows users to set up website surveys that allow them to easily collect and manage the data they receive. It is called “Google Forms” and it is available free of charge.

Setting up a survey

Setting up a survey in Google Forms is very straightforward. Go to your Google account and open “Google Drive”:

Once inside Google Drive, click on ‘New’ and select ‘Google Forms’:

In Google Forms you will be immediately sent to the page where you construct the survey:

Give your new survey a title and use the options to create the survey that you need. The options include Paragraph Text, Checkboxes, Multiple Choice, and a range of other features. Ten minutes playing with the

Choosing a Domain Name Tips on Avoiding Trademark Infringement

Obviously, a good domain name is the heart and soul of a great website. It can at once express the identity of your site, its mood, and identify the content visitors can expect to see. A good domain name attracts your target audience and helps your site win the SEO battle by keeping it high in search engine rankings. With a good domain name, half your battle is won – but unless you put some thought into it, buying a good domain name can be the start of some serious problems.

Imagine… You buy the perfect domain name and set about establishing your site. You review web hosts and find the one you need. You do due diligence on website designers and get one on board. Once your site is set up and paid for, you do some basic SEO and it is flying – it is high in search engine rankings and bringing in customers AND revenue. And then it happens… You receive a “cease and desist” letter – otherwise known as an “infringement letter”.

What is an “Infringement Letter”?

An infringement letter is essentially a letter sent from a lawyer to ask someone to refrain from ‘illegal’ activity. Receiving one can

Does a Dedicated IP Address Offer More SEO Advantages

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is both an art and a science. Obviously, the higher up Google’s search rank you are, the more opportunity there is for people to see your listing and therefore visit you site, and then purchase you products and/or services. To facilitate a higher ranking, legions of SEO experts live and breathe experimenting with every aspect of websites and their hosting to establish exactly what benefits a sites and ranks them higher, and what to do to avoid ranking diminishing. One area of intense speculation is whether websites benefit from a Dedicated IP address rather that a Shared IP address.

What’s an IP address?

Any device which is connected to the Internet, whether it is a PC, a laptop, a mobile device, or your web host’s server, has a unique IP address. It is a 4 number string which starts at 0 and goes up to 255. So it can look like this:

This ‘code’ is what identifies the machine you are using. Being identified, the Internet can send data to it, meaning you can access the multitude of websites the Internet has to offer.

What’s a Shared IP address?

As mentioned previously, the server which your web host uses to host

Big Data with Database NoSQL a useful introduction

What is Big Data?

The word “Big Data” has become very popular but its real meaning is often confused. Basically we can say that the word “Big Data” is related to the way to use big volumes of data in constant increase using brand new analysis, storage and collection tools.

All the data in Facebook, Twitter and other Social Network or the data-analysis of an airplane manage system…

Which solutions can analyze and process all these data?

In this article we’re going to explore some simple tool installed on a virtual server or on a hosting server. They are the NoSQL Database.

There are many companies all around the world which offers storage solutions and Rackone is an Italian company which offers high-quality NoSQL services to manage Big Data.

What is NoSQL?

The word “database” has been used – since a long time ago – as a “SQL” and “RDBMS” synonymous, and in the past 40 years, it seemed that there were no different options.
Recently the data storage world turn to new interesting option called NoSQL.

NoSQL is the acronym of “Not Only SQL” to emphasize the compatibility between the “Structure Query Language” (SQL) and the NoSQL, in fact we can use the same

Finding Your First Host

Finding your first host can be intimidating. Although hosting will seem simple once you’ve been around awhile, at first it’s all very opaque. Part of the problem is simply that there’s a lot of misinformation out there. There are hundreds of hosting providers, and all of them are trying to convince you that they’re the right choice for you. Often, they do this by advertising features and services you don’t really need. Other times they do it by advertising features and services that aren’t really features and services at all, but simply part of hosting; like a gluten-free sticker on an apple, they’re trying to make their product seem better by highlighting a feature which intrinsic to all such products.
Despite this, it’s not too awfully hard to differentiate the good from the bad in this regard. It’s more just about deciding what you really need.

The Big Players

The big players, like GoDaddy or WordPress.com, tend to be a bit pricier, and what they give you in return is great customer support, extensive documentation, 24/7 handholding, and infinite attempts to upsell you on services you don’t need.

As long as you make the conscious choice to just say, “No!” to GoDaddy help/sales

Some Google Search Timesavers and Google Search Entertainers

Lucky for us Google is continually tweaking and enhancing its search solution. That means we can refine our searches and pick up the information we truly need rather than wade through oceans of website pages. However, they obviously have some quiet afternoons at the Googleplex in Mountain View because some of the search features they have come up border on the bizarre. Here then, in no particular order, are some Google search features that are genuinely useful, and some that are just entertaining. You decide for yourself which is which!
1. Search for Multiple Terms

Anyone can use Google to find information on cats, dogs and mice, but what if you are looking for an article that contains each of these items? Well, simply put them in the search box with “AND” (in big letters) between each item. The top articles containing ALL of the terms are shown in the search results.

  1. Search for a Term WITHOUT Another Term

    Yes, of course – we all know that cloud computing is the current big thing. But what if you just want information about regular clouds? Google has that covered. Add the term you are looking for, and the term you want to

Why You Need To Plan Your Websites Content

Building a website is generally considered a technical process that a coder or website designer should manage. Many people think it’s a simple process… It’s about impressing people with graphics and cool effects that will leave visitors dazzled and gasping at a website’s technical capability. The thinking is that this will reflect positively on a company. And so it does. But unfortunately, this perspective doesn’t consider the true purpose of a website, that being to deliver content with a message.
It is curious how many times website content is forced into a website design that just isn’t right for it. So many sites appear to have considered content as an afterthought. The bottom line is this – if your company has a message to convey and a purpose to fulfill, then it’s the content that is the message, not the medium.

A relatively new area, Information Architecture (IA) has come to the forefront over the last couple of decades to address issues related to web design. It is now a recognized discipline that dictates exactly how a website should be designed to organize its content in a fashion where it is not only accessible to users, but accessible in a logical

SEO Tools You Should be Using

Search Engine Optimization (otherwise known as SEO) is a series of techniques that help websites achieve a higher rank in Google’s search results. Obviously, the higher you are in Google’s list of sites for a particular search term, the more people can see details about your site, and the more likely people are going to click on Google’s link and find themselves at your website. Of course, if you are an ecommerce site, this could mean more customers and an improved bottom line!
There are a number of conditions a site needs to fulfill to be regarded as being a ‘good’ website. Fortunately, there are a number of tools that will help you to fulfill those conditions. Many are free tools provided by Google itself, but there are others from other providers that are also invaluable. Below is a list of such tools. Most are free, but some require additional payments if you need a deeper level of service than the average user.

1. QuickSprout

QuickSprout is a bit like Christmas Day – loads of free gifts and they’re all really nice. Just by adding your website URL into QuickSprout you get a comprehensive list of tips that will impact your position